December's Waste of Oxygen Award

Monday, January 07, 2008

Of course this is late. But whatever the holidays get in the way of a lot of things. Also there was no award for the last week of December so for the first time in a month there are only three horses to choose from.

Week 1, Stephen A. Smith - Yes Stephen my blog and all other blogs should be shut down because we lack credibility and credentials and I haven't worked hard at journalism school. But at the very least I wasn't voted the least favorite sportscaster in America like you, and unlike some of your coworkers I don't break inaccurate stories to the country like Les Miles is going to accept the coaching job at Michigan or Eli Manning is out for atleast a month, when he plays the next week.

Week 2, 2. Roger Clemens - He's the #1 target in this report and he has the most to lose after the report. He's often been described as the best pitcher of this generation if not the best pitcher of all time and now with this report and 1st hand experience of steroid injections he's no better than Barry Bonds. A cheat and a crook.

Week 3, New York Knicks - Once again the Knicks are attempting to separate themselves from the sane. Freedom of speech does not exist in MSG. Make a fire Isiah sign or start chanting fire isiah and you will be shown the exit. Which would be perfectly ok if you were reimbursed for the ticket charge. In fact why don't they just have a website where you can get reimbursed for your ticket if you plan on heckling Isiah.

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Last Months Winner:
Scott Boras via executive tie breaking decision

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