When Not to Have African Players on Your Team

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Imagine you're favorite squad is in the midst of a big time push for a Championship. You're slightly past the midway point of your season and every game is becoming increasingly important. However over the next month you will be without some of the key players of your squad not because of injuries but because of other commitments.

Welcome to the world of soccer where there are different competitions going on throughout the world all of the time and if you have any African players on your team you will be without them for approximately a full month. Why? Because FIFA apparently thinks it's a bright idea to hold the African Cup of Nations Tournament during the Winter directly conflicting with all the major Soccer leagues in the world.

No other players will be forced out of action in the Premiership, Serie A, La Liga, etc. other than African players thus the more African players your teams rely on the more drastically your team is being hindered. For instance Chelsea, my team of choice, currently sits 3rd in the Premiership with important matches in their Cup tournaments to come this month as well, will be without 4 major contributors including top goal scorer Didier Drogba. For those of you whom do not know soccer well, you need to score to win games.

So be thankful that in the US that we invented all the sports we really like and don't have to deal with this nonsense. Cause it wouldn't be fun if Latin America decided they wanted to have a National Tournament in August and your team was without Manny & Big Papi for an entire month.

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Good post. A lot of BPL teams have been decimated. The January transfer window makes life slightly easier on those who have the cash to spend.

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