Breakin it Down: Jags vs. Steelers

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Who Fill Fast Willie's Cleats

Someone needs to step up and carry the Pitt rush offense. Whether it be burly Najeh Davenport or unproven youngsters Carey Davis or Gary Russell, someone needs to step it up and get some yards on the ground to take away some of the burden off of Threee Day Old Cheeseburger's shoulders.

Perhaps You Should Tackle

The last time these two teams lined up, and additionally for much of the final month of the season, the Pittsburgh Steelers failed to do much tackling. Against a team that has two stellar running breaks who can bust anything for a touchdown that's really not going to work out. If the Steelers can't limit Fred Taylor and Jones-Drew 's yards after contact than they should expect to give up ample points.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served With Ketchup

The Steelers finished the season 7-1 at home with their lone loss coming against the Jaguars of course. Certainly the Steelers will have additional motivation to avenge their single disappointing finish in front of the home towel waivers.

Welcome to Your First Big Game

Hello Mr. Garrard. Congrats on your first full season as a starting quarterback in the NFL. You led your team to a terrific record and you played extremely well in doing so. More importantly you limited your mistakes and allowed your teams biggest assets to control football games. Well David welcome to the biggest game of your life. Let's see how the results will be in this one.

And Here's Your Winnings

Congrats to the winner of the game as most likely they will get the greatest prize of all. The opportunity to face the Juggernaut in New England the following weekend. What says congrats more than facing 'The Best Team Ever' created.

The Pick

I'm going against the grain here but I think the Steelers will back up their homefield this week. I think Trojan Troy back in the fold on the defense will make a huge difference and that Big Ben will put up enough points to hold off the Jags.

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