The Scalabrine Watch Week 11

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This season the NBA has listened to one of my many thoguht and has started to track a players +/- during the course of individual games. Due to my dislike of Brian Scalabrine, I am going to track he's performance in a weekly post called The Scalabrine Watch. 3 Million a year for what?

Celtics 83 Bobcats 95: -6

14 minutes sounds like an absolutely ridiculous amount of minutes for Scals, especially given the fact that the Celtics lost and the amount of DNPs he's been getting lately. But I guess that without Allen and Big Baby that Doc had way too minutes to go around. Thankfully this won't happen again any time soon.

Game Stats: 14 Minutes, 2-4, 4 Points, 1 Rebound, 1 Assist

Celtics 86 Nets 77: DNP

Celtics 78 Wizards 85: -1
Scals got a few minutes in the first of back to back losses to the Wizards an unsurprisingly contributed just about nothing.

Game Stats: 7 Minutes, 0-1, 0 Points, 0 Rebound, 1 Assists

Celtics 83 Wizards 88: DNP

Overall Week Performance: -7
Scals brought himself down a few notches in limited playing time this past week, mostly due to getting 14 minutes in the loss against the Bobcats. Also, getting a DNP in the only win of the past week didn't help at all.

Weeks Stats: 21 Minutes, 2-5, 4 Points, 5 Rebounds, 3 Assists

Overall Season Performance: +19
After three weeks in the positive Scals gets some PT in losing efforts and now he's slowly approaching par again. One thing to look towards is if the Celtics do bring in a Gary Payton or a Chris Webber or make any trade to bring in additional talent, whom will be the player thrown off the active roster. Scals, Pollard and Powe would most likely be the top three options.

Season Stats:9 MPG, .316 FG%, 1.9 PPG, 1.3 RPG, 0.8 APG

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