Building the 2008 Jets: Chad Henne

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It didn't take me very long to lose hope during the 2007 season but for 2008 I'm going to be doing a lot dedicated prep work. Holding the 6th pick in the draft and 26 million dollars in cap room the New York Jets must be aggressive in the free agent market to address some of the current holes on their roster.

Headed into the season one of the major question marks on the New York Jet roster will be quarterback. What will the New York Jets do? Shall they start Pennington and effectively throw away the experience they forced themselves to give Clemens this season? Will Pennington's meager arm strength and untimely final possession interceptions disappear? Most likely not. If they go with Clemens can they somehow teach him the ability to read defenses? Or will he continue to sit in the pocket unable to adjust to any blitz coming. Really the Jets at the most important position on the football field are in flux.

My suggestion regarding Chad Henne is that the Jets draft him as a back up plan. Coming into this season Henne was a 3 year starter with superior arm strength and could have projected into a possible first round draft pick. By the end of the regular season Henne was all but thrown off most draft boards but reemerged after a strong performance on January 1. Still thanks to some inexplicable losses and an injury riddled senior season Henne should be had at a significant discount price. Additionally the false premise that he was a loser in college will again discount his price. In reality the top 3 quarterbacks in the draft (Brohm, Ryan, Woodson) have all suffered significantly more losses than Henne did in his career.

If the New York Jets decide to go into the season with Kellen Clemens as their starter they should do so soon. They should attempt to parse away Pennington for a draft pick that they could turn into a backup quarterback. In my opinion (poosibly biased) Chad Henne is a highly discounted option with as much potential to be a solid quarterback as those whom will be drafted in the first round.

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Who I would really like the Jets to draft is Colt Brennan. He has great fundamentals and I think he will be a great qb in the nfl. So what if he played in Hawaii, that doesn't make him a bad player. We can probably get him in the second round if we want.

New Yorker said...
9:14 AM  

yes henne. Absolutely no colt.

Anonymous said...
7:16 PM  

Henne is a better QB then Brennan. When henne isnt hurt he's proven multiple times that he is in the elite class of QB's this year and he's done it against many big time programs. Brennan is a good QB but he's a system QB and that was proven big time against Georgia.

Anonymous said...
3:14 PM  

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