I Thought Stephen A Hated Blogs

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maybe it was a discussion with Big Mouth Salisbury that got him to reconsider, but former journalist/big mouth/talking head Stephen A. Smith has now ventured into the blogging world. The very same media stream you said 'should not be allowed to disseminate information' is now you're lone outlet for penning your babble.

Oh what irony Stephen A. You criticize those like me and then within a month come and join the pack with your very own website. Thus far there is only a singular post penned on Stephen's blog, which simply put is horribly formatted and all over the place. Here's hoping that in the very near future Stephen includes personal photos of himself eating cheese doodles in sock puppet form. That should help him earn some blogger credibility.


Note 2: Here is a transcription of his divulgence if you are a skeptic.

Note 1: For those that for some reason think its fake, I found out about the website from listening to his radio show. (Yes I desire to go deaf). Stephen A and his partner are on for 2 hours in NYC not just the single national hour. During the NYC only hour Missanelli said that Stephen A had a website and Stephen A mentioned it and started complaining about people owning the naming rights. Additional he made statements similar to his blog post about not ever wanting a website but his family telling him he should have one. So unless he lies on his own show, not that doubtful, its a real blog and real site.

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Man - I'm glad you found this! I wrote a piece several weeks ago about he and Bill Conlin suggesting bloggers didn't have a right to post their articles publicly.

I tried getting him to respond to several e-mails but of course, he didn't. Check out my piece if you'd like.

Nice job on this and thanks for sharing it with us.

MoonDogLeft said...
5:30 PM  

Everything he blogs...will be unimportant. Pot meets kettle.

Good stuff.

The Zoner said...
12:44 PM  

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again - taking you feeds also, Thanks.

Anonymous said...
7:27 PM  

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