January's Waste of Oxygen Award

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The month of January might have gotten off to a slow start when it comes to complete douchebags but it certainly took an upswing during the closing weeks.

Week 1: Chris Burke - Wanna know how to force your step mother into a divorce. First you need your step father to be the coach of a big time college football team. Second you need to sucker him into having you on the sidelines working some job he made up for you. And finally you need to run out onto the field and get a crucial penalty in a Bowl Game. What a moron.

Week 2: The Ohio State University - Two straight years you tease us with your explosive starts only to be completely out of the game by the 4th quarter. Why must you be completely outclassed by the SEC, why must you win all of your cupcake games and not lose to the likes of Stanford like USC. Must you punish college football fans by winning all of the winnable games but getting pummeled by the superior squads in the Title game?

Week 3: Greg Paulus - The Brazilian Soccer player of College Basketball. King of the flop with horrible acting included. Pretending to get punched in the face when a guy taps your shoulder is incredibly lame. Needless to say I don't think anyone would be incredibly disappointed if Florida St. did in fact punch Greg Paulus in the face. It's one thing to be a scrappy annoying player like Wojo was in his day, it's another thing when you are a scrappy annoying player who attempts to cheat.

Week 4: The Ultimate Warrior - I'm really not surprised that the Ultimate Warrior is a scumbag, but to these depths? Seriously? Dude he wasn't even gay he just played a gay man, what the hell does that have to do with parenting? Plus you can be opposed to the idea of homosexuality that's fine it's your opinion, but does it seriously make that big of a difference in raising a child. And he wasn't even gay anyway. Ugh so stupid.

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