Breakin it Down: Chargers vs. Colts

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Bring Back the Manning Face

I don't know about anybody else out there but there was just an empty feeling for me during the entire post season last year. It could have been the depressing pit in my stomach after the Jet loss, or the overall boredom of the Chicago Bears winning games but I really think it was the lack of a good Manning face. The depressing throw the hands up in the air after a game losing int always does it for me. Although the bug eye Caldwell face was quite nice.

Angry Philip and the Motormouth

Angry Philip is definitively one of the easiest players in the NFL to root against. Sometimes you root against people out of pure jealousy (Tom Brady) and sometimes you root against a player because they come across as a douche. Rivers is the latter, he just comes across as a cocky, overconfident, loud mouth that any opposing player would absolutely love to drill and then stomp on his chest when getting up. And I bet there are a ton of fans out there like me that would watch that and say, he probably deserves it.

Come on a Toe, That's It?

Seriously a dislocated toe? That probably hurts like a mother and could be seriously injured and blah blah blah, but Antonio you didn't even look in pain when they carted you off the field. How about you just get some Litacaine from Roger Clemens or McNamee and sack up and play this weekend.

Captain Avoid the Hit is Back

Mr. I'm a Hall of Fame wideout and yet I have never been tackled because I fall to the ground like a little girl or run out of bounds before anyone can hit me is back. So hopefully on his first catch, which won't be across the middle cause he doesn't do that, he gets lit up by one of the Chargers safeties. Highly doubtful, but one can hope.

Most Overlooked 13-3 Team Ever

The Colts are easily the most overlooked 13-3 team ever, especially considering they are the defending superbowl champs. They choked away a W against the Pats and than played like garbage during that hangover the next week against the Chargers. Other than that they were mostly flawless despite significant injuries. For some reason I don't think Peyton Manning is going to throw 6 ints and Vinatieri is going to miss chip shot field goals this weekend.

The Pick

Make it 3 for 3 on the snoozer lame picks as I think the Colts take care of the Chargers with little drama. The Chargers won the last game but the Colts played so remarkably bad and still were a chip shot field goal away from winning the football game. Without Gates and with the return of Harrison the Chargers are in deep trouble and I just don't see them pulling out the W.

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