Breakin it Down: New England Patriots

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Breakin it Down is usually 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game. But for the Super Bowl we'll do 5 keys for the Giants and Pats and a post for what I think will occur.

Twice Rotten?

Can the Golden Boy have two bad playoff games in a row? Obviously him having a poor game like AFC Title game will give the Giants a much better opportunity to win the football game. But with two weeks of rest and on the biggest stage, hoping that Tom Brady has a poor game probably isn't the best game plan.

Pound the Rock

Given that the Patriots have arguably the best quarterback in the history of Pro Football it wouldn't be dumb if they decided to just throw the ball on every down. However, if Laurence Maroney can rush for over 100 yards like he has done in each of the playoff games than the Patriots will be absolutely unstoppable. Any 3rd and shorts Tom Brady is going to pick up.

Bring Out the Manning Face Early

Is Eli a changed quarterback with tremendous confidence? I feel as if everybody is over hyping Eli now after being too critical much of the season. If the Patriots can hit Eli a few times early or better yet force a turnover or two in the first quarter it's very foreseeable that Manning shits the bed for the rest of the game.

Frustrate Plaxico

If there is one Me player left on the current Giants roster it's Plaxico Burress. He's the only remaining player who if he doesn't get the ball will come back into the huddle and start bitching while Eli is talking. If the Pats can rough up Plaxico and double him early in the game and limit his touches early there is a good chance that Plaxico will get frustrated and begin yapping. However, if Plaxico makes a few early catches his confidence will start to build both through his play and all the yapping he will do towards the Pats DBs. Limiting Plaxico early will pay big time dividends for the Patriots.

Just Play Your Game

You can talk all the keys for Pats victory you want. But the #1 thing the Pats need to do is just play their game. They are about to become the best team in the history of the planet because they are superbly coached and have superb talent and a superior cohesiveness. In order for the Patriots to lose this weekend they are going to have to do something wrong something out of the normal. Whether that be Brady playing poorly, a few costly turnovers, the offensive line playing poorly for the first time, or the defense completely collapsing. The Patriots need to do something out of character to lose the game.

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