Breakin it Down: Super Bowl Sunday

Friday, February 01, 2008

Breakin it Down is usually 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game. But for the Super Bowl we'll do 5 keys for the Giants and Pats and a post for what I think will occur.

The Ridiculous Prop Bets

Vegas Watch highlights some of the more ludicrous prop bets which I will run through.

National Anthem over 1:42, this is a lock.
The highest rated ad will be Budweiser as they have so many damn ads they better hit a home run with at least one of them.
Peyton Manning will be mentioned less than 5.5 times by Joe Buck.
Archie Manning will definitely be shown more than 4.5 times.
Some schmuck on the Fox Pregame will pick the Giants.
Bob Kraft will not mention the 72 Dolphins.
Don Shula will not be on the field to shake Bill's hand.
The MVP will thank his teammates first.
The Head Coach will be dumped by blue liquid. Taken a gamble on that one.
Tom Petty won't do anything cool so avoid all those bets.

Beer of Choice

Cold Beer is good enough for me. Although I fully expect to drink some of Grutt's home brew. And no god damn Tequila shots.

The Pick: Patriots 34 Giants 23

Like just about everybody else I am predicting a close game. This is partially banked on hope rather than reason. I could easily see Eli throwing 2 early ints and the Pats going up 3 scores really early. In the end I'm going to remain consistent and pick the favorite to win and the underdog to cover. This gives us the wonderful opportunity to watch Tom Brady hold up the trophy. Woo... Atleast I called it at the start of the season, just like everybody else.

Afterwards seeing that again I fully expect to yet again feel like this.

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