The Lebron James of Child Birthing

Monday, February 25, 2008

Meet Argentinian girl Pamela. Much like Lebron James she is a young phenom. She has done something that most people would have never believed possible. She has pushed the limits of the human body.

So what has mighty Pamela done? She's given birth to 7 children. 7 Children is certainly a big number, but it's been done before. And no the 7 weren't all at the same time. Nothing that draw dropping with having 7 kids in your life time right? Well how about when your life time isn't even 17 full years yet. That's right Pamela from Argentina has 7 kids and she has yet to turn 17.

How the fuck is that possible you might be asking. Well when you ship out two sets of triplets and a single child all in a three year span it can be done. One would have thought perhaps after the first child she would have stopped having sex. Or perhaps after the first set of triplets the mother would have clamped down on the insemination process. But nope Pamela got her fertile self right back on the saddle and strapped in for another 9* month ride.

Only four more to go Pam and you've got your own futbol team. You still have over 3 years to get that done before the age of 20. Hop bang on the saddle young las.

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