Tiki the Master Interviewer

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tiki: I'm here with the #1 player in this years Super Bowl the GMen's #69, Rich Sorbet.

Rich Seubert: It's Seubert

Tiki Barber: Yes, Rich Sherbet. So Rich you were an absolute beast on the defensive line tonight. How did you and the boys put so much pressure on Tom all night long?

Rich Seubert: Um, I'm a guard.

Tiki Barber: Huh? For the Knicks?

Rich Seubert: No a guard on the offensive line. You know, one of those guys that helped you gain over 1000 yards last year.

Tiki Barber: Hmm, I got help?

Rich Seubert: Man your an ass.

Tiki Barber: Me and Ronde may dispute that on our radio show.

Rich Seubert: So why the hell are you interviewing me?

Tiki Barber: Well, no one else wants to talk to an offensive lineman, and you guys are amongst the most important players on the team.

Rich Seubert: So what you mean is there isn't a chance in Hell Tom or Eli is going to take an interview from you.

Tiki Barber: Ya pretty much.

Rich Seubert: Ha your a loser. I hope you enjoy looking at the big Super Bowl ring around my finger the next time we meet.

Tiki Barber: Well there you have it boys and girls, Rich Seubert, he may not have won the MVP but he blocked people, and that's important too. Well, not as important as me of course. Haha, people love Tiki.

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