Monday, February 04, 2008

I am a very very very happy bitter angry jet fan. I will never cheer for a team that isn't the Jets harder last night. I will never be happier that a team lost. Never. For one night my bitterness led to bliss.

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i'm sorta with you i am a hardcore jets fan and for me this was the worst possible super bowl match up (not including the Dolphins)but i can definitely say that i was es tactic that the pats didn't win just because we wouldn't have to hear people talk about how awesome they are, it will be a hard year being a distant two in New York now though

gary said...
10:28 AM  

Whoa. Your the biggest fag in the history of the world. Tom Brady is by no means a loser. He is probably the best quarterback next to Peyton. As a Colts fan, I admire the Patriots for beings as good as they are. The have the second most regular season wins after the Colts and Brady has the highest win percentage of anyone in the league. The Jets the the biggest chokers of all time. I am glad that the we (Colts) owned you guys in the post season. Go suck a dick. The only losers are Jet's fans. When is the last time you guys made it to the post season before this year? When is the last time you guys even won a Superbowl? The only losers in the NFL are the Browns, the Rams, and Jets fans. Because the Giants are better than the Jets any day of the week and Brady is better than Dirty Sanchez even after a huge injury.

Pavan said...
9:49 PM  

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