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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If I told you that there was a free agent on the market who last year in 340 registered at bats hit .276 with 28 home runs, 66 rbis, 75 runs you would certainly be intrigued. And then if you were a Saber-matrician and I showed you a .480 on base percentage with a .565 slugging percentage perhaps your mouth would water some. Then if I told you he could be had at a completely reduced rate due to a few outside influences you would be drawing up the contract for the franchise of your choice.

And then if I told you that man was Barry Bonds? You would probably rip up those papers and mutter a few curse words about how I lead you on. In the world of major league baseball the bad PR surrounding Barry Bonds outweighs his potential production.

In my humble opinion I think Barry Bonds is worth the 2008 gamble. At this current moment somehow Bonds has morphed into an after thought. He has been overshadowed by the the broadway show put on by the Rocket and his main man Andy. Since the release of the Mitchell Report, have you heard the name Barry Bonds mentioned even a fractional amount of the norm? And now that so many have been brought to light and that Bonds has already shattered the most storied record in baseball, is his story that outside of the norm? Sure he has a pending perjury trial and this will bring additional unwanted attention to your squad. But the reality of this pending trial is that it almost certainly will not be brought during the 2008 season.

The fact remains that Barry Bonds while on the baseball field is still a remarkably productive player. If you further the safety precautions by hitting him in the DH role you could realistic expect a repeat of his 2007 averages only extrapolated out for additional at bats. And just about every American League roster could use a hard hitting highly productive DH.

He will certainly boost your team on the field. He will boost the ticket sales of your team. Eventually 90% of your fan base will just accept the fact that he is on your roster and start cheering for him. Why? Cause fans root for the laundry. He certainly will be booed on the road, but is that really a bad thing?

So in the end the question remains, is Barry Bonds worth the distractions he comes with? In my opinion yes, Barry Bonds deserves one more year.

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I agree with your assessment. Bonds could easily help an AL team as the DH. If the legal issues get resolved, it wouldn't surprise me to see several teams pursue him.

MoonDog said...
3:55 PM  

Yes, the good on the field far outweighs the bad. The best thing a hitter can do for his team is not make outs when he gets a PA, getting the other guys more PAs and pitchers and teams more wins, and Bonds doesn't make outs far better than anyone. The best thing a guy can do for an owner is sell tickets, and Bonds probably sells more than any other individual player.

The 29th is when the court date is scheduled. After it's clear nothing can happen til post-2008 season, some AL GM will figure it out.

iwillbeginagain said...
6:33 PM  

100% agree. If he was DH exclusively, I think his numbers would even be better.

Anonymous said...
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