Trade Eddy Curry for Cheese Doodles

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stephen A. Smith opened his NYC radio broadcast venting on the Knicks. Nothing new there. The first hour of his show is NYC only and thus being a basketball guy he yells and screams about the Knicks a lot. Pretty much every show opens with the same Knick vent. But apparently the 40 point beat down pushed Stephen A. to new levels. Levels to which I have never heard from Stephen. And what was that level? Stephen A. screaming about his affinity for Cheese Doodles.

After the typical yelling and screaming about the Knicks for a few minutes, Stephen A. turned the majority of the venting into a a platform for his favorite snack, Cheese Doodles. He mentioned how when he gets frustrated he eats cheese doodles. He warned the callers that they might hear him munching on cheese doodles in the background. But the best of the bunch centered on the fat center for the New York Knicks, when Stephen A. proclamed that he would trade Eddy Curry for a bag of Cheese Doodles.

Yes, Cheese Doodles are truly essential to Stephen A.'s existence.


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I would rather eat Pork Grinds than listen to that guy

Mac G said...
2:49 PM  

I prefer the cheetos ... thinner crunchy ... too much poof to the doodles ... I'd trade the knicks for a half-eaten soft-serve swirl ice-cream cone ... I'd def be getting the better end of that deal!!

AJ Ferre' said...
3:10 PM  

Stephen A Smith reminds of Samuel L Jackson, except he's not funny, cool, or socially relevant whatsoever.

Hart said...
8:00 AM  

I wouldn't even trade cheese doodles for Stephen A.

MoonDog said...
10:03 AM  

You have to admit that Eddy Curry for cheez doodles sounds like a fair, straight up trade.

Of course, being the NBA, we're still trying to calculate how many shipments of snacks you'd have to send over to equalize the contract.

Signal to Noise said...
2:29 PM  

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