Tom Brady the Loser

Monday, February 04, 2008

Just for fun let's have a countdown of the top 25 versions of Super Bowl Loser Tom Brady.

25. Loser Huddle Brady

24. On Bended Knee Loser Brady

23. Lip Biting Loser Brady

22. Loser Press Conference Brady

21. Walk Off the Field as a Loser Brady

20. I Need People Around Me to Make Me Feel Better Loser Brady

19. I Drop the Football Loser Brady

18. Hang Your Head Loser Brady

17. I Just Threw an Incompletion Loser Brady

16. Helmet Smash Loser Brady

15. Close My Eyes and Pray Loser Brady

14. I Just Stepped in Dog Poop Loser Brady

13. I Used the Towel to Clean Up the Piss in My Pants Loser Brady

12. Gisele is the New Jessica Simpson Loser Brady

11. Focusing On Bill's Cut Off Sleeves Loser Brady

10. The Big Black Man Just Hit Me Loser Brady

9. Is Osi Laughing At Me Loser Brady

8. Utter Disappointment vs. Utter Joy Loser Brady

7. This Is Gonna Hurt A Lot Loser Brady

6. Tears of Infinite Sadness Loser Brady

5. Strahan's Biceps Make Me Scared Loser Brady

4. Prison Shower Scene Loser Brady

3. Just Been Pounded in the Arse Loser Brady

2. Daddy Is Not Happy With Me Loser Brady

And the #1 Loser Brady Is.......

1. Huh We Just Lost the Super Bowl Loser Brady

So Who is Your Favorite Loser Brady?

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Prison shower scene loser Brady, as if it's even a contest.

DCScrap said...
5:56 PM  

I'm with Doug on the Prison Shower Scene...

Err... that didn't come out the way it was supposed to... I meant... ummm... oh forget it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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