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Monday, February 11, 2008

A day late and a buck short but these weeks have been a struggle with actually work.

1. The Midwest - Who doesn't want the Television to crap out during the Super Bowl, I mean the middle quarters were a snooze fest anyway so who really cares if you miss a bunch. Apparently Arkansas and Oklahoma really didn't care if their residents missed a large part of the game.

2. Pedro Martinez - Cock fighting is just a fun alternative to UFC in the Dominican except with less steroids, less blood and more death. Can you really blame Peetey for enjoying a little cock on cock battle. You have to do something to keep yourself occupied in the DR if you aren't going to take B12 shots with Miguel Tejada.

3. Bill Belichick - My team just lost but there is one second left in the game and since I'm a huge whining baby I think I will leave the field before the clock actually completely ticks off. I'm a sore loser, I don't want to take a Super Bowl loss like a man.

4. Kevin Hart - Imaginary recruiting is even better than real recruiting. I think the kid deserves atleast a little bit of kudos for convincing his entire town that he was being recruited by two of the top schools in the entire Pac 10. I think it's even more amazing if he could have actually have duped his parents into believing he was getting a scholarship to one of the top public schools in the country.

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