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Friday, February 15, 2008

A diverse bunch of waste of Oxygen. From the fun-police to whiners to plain old idiots.

1. Patriot Fans - You lost the Super Bowl it sucked. You are pissed. All of that is understandable. But reaching for calls and clock problems and face mask penalties to say you were robbed? Come on. Shut up. You've gotten enough questionable calls this season go your way that even if the Giants got one you shouldn't be able to complain. But the reaching done is ridiculous.

2. David Stern - Here comes David Stern once again as the Anti-Fun police. It's a dunk contest. People do things they would never do in an actual game for the dunk contest. They jump over midgets. They have Steve Nash Headbutt them the ball. They come from out of bounds to dunk. What the hell is the difference in raising the rim to 12 feet. That's something I would actually like to see instead of all of the rehashed dunks people have already done tons of times.

3. John Rocker - Why are you allowed to talk? Seriously why do people let this man get whatever he says into the public view. I don't care if you took steroids. I don't care what you think about Bud Selig. I don't care and nobody else should care. Just go away already.

4. Confederation of African Football - First off if you are having an awards banquet to celebrate the best players in Africa perhaps you should have this banquet on a date that does not coincide with a date when you are running your biggest tournament of the year. Second, if a player is playing in that tournament, which you run, and can't make the banquet, because you scheduled it stupidly, you should not penalize him. You certainly shouldn't just give his award to someone else because he couldn't make it.

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Tough decision this week for sure ... Rocker should def be a close 2nd I think after Stern

AJ Ferre' said...
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