Who Wants to Make Enemies When You Can Wait

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February 6th 2008 was supposed to be the day when 18 year olds decide who will come to hate them during their next 4 years. For Terrelle Pryor however, the decision has been made to delay the inevitable. Pryor was previously scheduled to appear on the ESPN family of networks to announce which Big 10 school would come to love him and which 2 rival Big 10 schools would really come to hate him. Instead he's decided to let everybody linger.

The original front runners of Ohio St. have to be concerned that he's rethinking his decision. The Wolverines have to be wondering why he doesn't jump at the opportunity to start 4 years at the Big House. In state Penn St. must be wondering why he would want to play out of state. And finally Oregon must be thrilled at the simple opportunity to potentially get into the mix. Time to get that Nike train moving on the recruiting trail.

Me? I just want it over with and would like to soon find out if the Wolverines are going to be good or mediocre in 2008, and for now it appears as if I and the rest of the Big 10 and Duck fans will just have to wait some more.

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