Why the St. Patty's Day Apparel?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I love St. Patrick's day as much as the typical redheaded Irish American. I love Guinness. I love enjoying Guinness. I enjoy wearing green. I even typically purchase a St. Patty's day shirt on a yearly basis. What I don't get is why people want to purchase MLB St. Patty Day apparel?

Contrary to popular belief the New York Yankees nor the Boston Red Sox nor any other MLB team influenced St. Patrick in his mission across Ireland. They have nothing to do with Irish heritage nor even wear the color green in their jerseys. Why the hell do people buy this stuff? Would you seriously look at a person with a four leaf clover behind their teams logo and think damn their cool? Or are you more than likely thinking, why the hell are you wearing a green Phillies t-shirt. St. Patty's day was months ago. Hell the friggin holiday isn't even during the regular season.

Additionally it's not like the clothing you buy is unique. MLB just prints the same shit for a bunch of teams and puts your teams logo on it. Just look at most of the Red Sox and Yankees stuff. They have almost exactly the same items.

I think the funniest of all of the St. Patrick's day apparel is that of the Oakland A's. They have 3 'St. Patty Day' items. What do they all have in common? They're just regular green Oakland A's shirts. Woo go St. Patrick's Day, wear an Oakland A's t-shirt.

But what's this? Not everyone can join in on the green fun? Yep only 13, mostly major market, teams are represented as having stupid green apparel. So if you're an idiot Royal fan in Missouri, your Cardinal friend buddy can get a green t-shirt, but you can't. Isn't that unfortunate.

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Pretty sure the Sox have worn the green spring training colors for decades. I'm assuming that this is a nod to Boston's predominantly Irish heritage.

If the Yankee's wanted to wear skin tight armani exchange tshirts and gel their hair in Jersey Blow Out guido style, I wouldn't bag on them either.

Hart said...
7:43 AM  

Technically speaking New York has more Irish Americans than Boston. Boston has a higher population %. Doesn't mean the shirts are relevant on any day other than March 17th when your simply putting two things that have nothing in common but you like, together.


Simon said...
9:17 AM  

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