Coaches Have the Darndest Looks

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So I was perusing the banks of College Photos from last night and honestly the most entertaining photos are all from coaches. Within one night of college basketball you can find pictures of coaches displaying almost every emotion.

Bruce Pearl is Annoyed by a 20 Point Victory.

John Calipari Really Wants a High Five

Jimmy Collins Just Wants a Hug

Ed DeChellis is Pointing Out the Hottest Girl in the Stands

Jim Boylen is Contemplating Murder

Bo Ryan is Contemplating Punching the Ref in the Face

Seth Greenberg Just Wants to Know Where the Restrooms Are

Roy Williams is Giddy Like a School Girl

Stan Heath is Bored

Dave Dickerson is Pleading for Just 1 More Cookie

Brad Stevens is Befuddled

Gary Williams is Victorious

Coach K is Defeated

Kelvin Sampson is Suspended in Disbelief

So Indiana didn't play last night. Whatever.

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I live in Memphis and this weekend's Memphis-Tennessee game is the hottest sports ticket in the history of this town.

I personally liked Ed DeChellis checking out the chicks.

Nice post.

P.S. Got a link to you at my site. Have you checked out Stephen A.'s blog? Sheesh!

MoonDog said...
12:48 PM  

If you're talking about ever, I tipped off TBL and a AA and a few others to the fact he has a blog. So I was on the forefront of that.

If you mean recently, then no. I really don't care what he has to say on his blog given he's already on ESPN/ESPNradio for countless hours. I doubt he says anything that different in the sports world. And I certainly could care less about his or just about anybody else's views on politics.

Simon said...
12:54 PM  

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