Shaqsun Emits UV Rays

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I am Shaqsun, I create heat for the entire Northern Hemisphere. The reason that Arizona is a desert is because I am centrally located there.

I will give Steve Nash a tan and will evaporate all local Lakes, especially ones that are created with purple and gold. I will melt down Spurs and Nuggets and sculpt a Shaqsun figurine. I will give heat stroke to any hornets in the way. I will dehydrate any Trailblazers attempting to cross through the desert. I will sweat the accuracy out of the Mavericks pistols. I will eviscerate all Warriors that attempt to travel through the desert. The trumpets will immediately rust and decompose when in view of my light. I will explode all Rockets before launch.

It is the time of the Shaqsun. The Shaqsun will dominate all.

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