You Look Like a Friggin Idiot

Thursday, February 28, 2008

So last night I watched the hilarious Seinfeld issue where David Putty paints his face for the Devils game. He then acts like a complete psycho and scares off the entire crew. Then Elaine tries to break up with him after calling him a Face Painter, which got me thinking. People should really not paint their faces when going to games. You Look absolutely ridiculous.

Oooohhh did you two do each others make up? That's so cute.

Are these Gator Fans the Sons of the Blue Man Group and the unknown Orange Man?

The Vertical Stripes really bring out the Double Chin.

And you would look just as ridiculous if you bought one of these dumb masks that makes you look like a face painter.

And then there are the people that take it all the way and paint their body and their face. Sometimes they even get some paint on the crotch of their shorts too.

You would think a kid going to Princeton would be smarter than this but alas they are as dumb as the general population.

More experienced players go with the Tiger outfit in addition to the face paint to go the extra mile in freaking out Tiger Woods.

And of course you have the clown that paints on a jersey and eye block like he's an actual player.

With all that being said and all that hate emitted, I am completely ok with the Painted on Jersey if you look like this.

Or Like This.

Or Even Like This.

Or Even a Cursed Cubs Fan

Thank You SI

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Damn You Simon!! You are so damned sexist!! So if it were up to you only hot females would be aloud to walk around half naked and wear body paint!? Is that right? Well than call me a sexist!! I completely agree!!

"That's right, I STOLE your Jesus FISH!"

AJ Ferre' said...
5:39 PM  

Excellent post. I suggest that friday's posts from now on include a section with some choice smut.

Hart said...
8:07 AM  

Definitely agree with painted on whatever for chicks and vote "no" for painted faces. There's a big difference between looking like an idiot, and helping to remove the paint.

MoonDog said...
10:22 AM  
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Adam said...
12:40 PM  

if you think people with facepaint on look like arseholes then think about all the kids who think that they are a tiger or a completly diffrent animal but they are kids.
so if you are sad enough to want to look like a fucking moron at the football or the game then do so but don't start biching if you get the shit kicked out of you if u look like an arse hole afterwards

Anonymous said...
7:50 AM  

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