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Monday, February 11, 2008

Got a few of these this week to pass the time while I'm caged in an anti-blog friendly work environment.

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Theme: Super Bowl Losing Quarterbacks

1) Tom Brady (XLII)
2) Jim Kelly (XXV - XXVIII)
3) Joe Kapp (IV)
4) Kurt Warner (XXXVI)
5) Kerry Collins (XXXV)
6) Neil O'Donnell (XXX)
7) Ear Morrall (III)
8) Chris Chandler (XXXIII)
9) Ken Anderson (XVI)
10) Bob Griese (VI)
11) Len Dawson (I)
12) Rich Gannon (XXXVII)

Brendan said...
12:57 PM  


7) Earl Morrall (III)

Brendan said...
12:58 PM  

The last one is Pat Haden... but he didn't start for the Rams in that Super Bowl anyway so I was wrong.

Simon said...
1:20 PM  

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