Thinking and Believing Do Not Equal Guaranteeing

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ryan Dempster, not so great closer for the Chicago Cubs, came out yesterday and stated that he believes the Cubs are going to win the World Series. Not that he guarantees the Cubs or going to win the World Series or that they are better than everybody in the NL. Nope he just said that he thinks his team is better than last year. He believes that all the hard work he did, and his teammates did are going to pay off. That the franchise added pieces which have significantly improved the team. That all of the work done by the franchise will result in what hasn't occurred in a century.

There is no controversy here. This is a complete non story. Just like the Plaxico Super Bowl story. They didn't guarantee anything. They believe they are going to win. They believe their team won't suck. Don't you want that from your sports figures? Shouldn't it be controversial if they come out and say "We are going to suck balls. There is no chance we are going to make the playoffs. That is why I drank King Cobra all off season and put on 30 lbs of pure gut." Rather than a player thinking his team is going to be good, whether it is delusional or not.

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