Rebus Quick Hitters

Friday, January 11, 2008

Once again a Quick Hitters Version. Each # is associated to a person, place or thing. The entire Rebus is set under a given theme. Post the answers in the comments for both each entry and the theme. This one has another person, place or thing associated with each answer under the them. Got a question email me, else have at it.

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Theme: WVU Alumni

1) Mike Vanderjaqt
2) Jerry West
3) Marc Bulger
4) Major Harris
5) Don Knots
6) Rod Thorn
7) Dan Mozes
8) ?
9) Jerry Porter
10) Adam "Pacman" Jones
11) Darryl Talley

Brendan said...
2:30 PM  

with help from Grutt

Brendan said...
2:32 PM  

Simone, that was one of the tougher, sicker rebuses you have ever con"cock"ted.

But where were you on WV's 13th govenor....ol' Bill Glasscock???

I can just picture you laughing hysterically as you did the Marc Bulger one.

Grutt said...
2:34 PM  

8 is James Jett

Simon said...
3:19 PM  

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