What if the NFL Ran the NCAA?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Voting is up for the Conference Title Games.

I've seen a post or two about what would happen if the BCS ran the NFL. But let's look at it at a different angle, would it be so great if the NCAA adopted the wonderful NFL playoff system? Maybe but you would get some weird seeding and atleast one team getting screwed out of a slot.

First step is figuring out what to do with the divisions. The NFL has 8 divisions and 12 playoff teams while the NCAA has 11 conferences so you have to make some sort of move there. So I'm going with 3 conferences getting the axe and the remainder will be associated with an NFL Division. I decided to eliminate the Sun Belt, Conference USA and the MAC. I've aligned the divisions as such.

NFC East: Big East, NFC North: Big Ten, NFC South: Big 12, NFC West: WAC
AFC East: ACC, AFC North: Mountain West, AFC South: SEC, AFC West: PAC 10

Next the playoffs are set the exact same way as the NFL. 6 teams per conference, 4 division winners and 2 wildcards. The seeding will be done using NFL tie breaker rules. Conference championship games will be ignored as they do not universally apply and would be eliminated if gone to this scenario.

NFC Seeds

1. Hawaii 12-0: Hawaii as the only undefeated team in the Nation is the number one seed in the NFC.
2. Missouri 11-1: Missouri's loss in the Big 12 title game does not count and they are given the #2 seed over Ohio St. due to their better NFC record. The victory overall Illinois moved Mizzou to 8-1 in the conference.
3. Ohio St. 11-1: 7-1 in the NFC but were hurt by playing the remainder of their games out of the NFC.
4. West Virginia 10-2: Champs of the NFC East.
5. Kansas 11-1: Kansas lost out on the division title after the Mizzou loss but secures the highest Wildcard spot.
6. Boise St. 10-2: Boise St. sneaks in over Oklahoma having one of their two losses come against AFC powerhouse Washington while Oklahoma suffered two conference losses.

AFC Seeds

1. BYU 10-2: BYU gets the number one seed in the AFC after going an impressive 9-1 in the conference. Winning all of their 8 division games as well as the matchup against AFC West rival Arizona and losing out of the AFC to Tulsa.
2. LSU 10-2: LSU was deep tie with Georgia for the SEC crown and it came down to strength of victory but in the end Georgia's beatdown over 1-10 Western Carolina was their undoing.
3. VaTech 10-2: Wins the AFC East having only one loss in the division but was eliminated from the bye week due to the loss to LSU. They surpass USC with the 3rd spot due to a much higher schedule strength.
4. USC 10-2: The Trojans represent the AFC West with the 4th seed.
5. Arizona St. 10-2: Gets the edge over UGA thanks to their 8 conference wins, the 7 Pac 10 wins plus an NFC North win over San Diego St.
6. UGA 10-2: Just missed out on the divisional prize but secures the last wildcard over BC in thanks to their additional conference win over GaTech.

Here is the overall bracket.

Each winner will be decided using votes.

Wildcard Vote: Jan 7th-Jan 9th
Divisional Vote: Jan 9th - Jan 11th
Championship Vote: Jan 16th - Jan 23rd
Superbowl Vote: Jan 23rd - Feb 3rd

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Interesting idea I suppose except for using the NFL tiebreaker system doesn't really translate well being that the college teams don't play similar opponents... which is why the system works for the NFL...So the shock value of Hawai'i and BYU being #1 seeds is kind of lost in that respect.

Anonymous said...
2:22 PM  

True. When looking at all of the tiebreakers common opponents comes before Strength of Opponents. But in every case, outside LSU UGA, it was irrelevant cause teams had no common opponents.

Simon said...
2:27 PM  

2 WAC teams?

Get the F outta here.

Anonymous said...
10:04 AM  

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