Stephen A Thinks All Your URLs Are Belong to Stephen A

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For those questioning the legitimacy of Stephen A's blog I transcribed his radio conversation from today where he divulged his new website to his 3 non deaf listeners. Also you can listen to it here while it's still up on his 1050 page. The divulgance is at the 9:50 mark. Anyway here's the transcript.

Stephen A: Mike did I tell you I got my own website?

Mikey Miss: Ya I heard about that.

Stephen A: StephenA.commmmm

Mikey Miss: How about that?

Stephen A: You know read my blog, I'm gonna write a weekly blog. I got my own email address. My own guest list. All that stuff. My events. You know what I'm saying. My bio. All of that stuff. I decided, my family convinced me to do it. So I decided to do it. You know I had to fight for months to get ownership of my own daggone name. Somebody else got I had to get It that ridiculous.

Mikey Miss: Common Name

Stephen A: That's Ridiculous. No people were doing it and holding onto it so they could make money off of me.

Mikey Miss: You didn't buy it back?

Stephen A: I had to buy it back for 5 but I only paid 500 dollar, they tried to charge me like 20 thousand. I was like you must be on drugs I was gonna sue em. But than I said to expedite the process [mumbles] you take it for 500 dollars, I'll give you the 500 dollars that's all your getting. That's what I ended up doing. To get my name. MY NAME. MINE. ITS RIDICULOUS. I was ready to sue em. You know there's laws against that. Don't Get me started with the court system. [Typical Radio Sign Off]

So that last paragraph was quality. Stephen A's name is his and only his and all your URLS are belong to him. And apparently he's already late in making his second post for his 'weekly blog'. Good Luck Mr. Smith.

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Stephen A Smith jumped the shark about 2 years ago.

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