Building the 2008 Jets: The Importance of Matt Ryan

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It didn't take me very long to lose hope during the 2007 season but for 2008 I'm going to be doing a lot dedicated prep work. Holding the 6th pick in the draft and 26 million dollars in cap room the New York Jets must be aggressive in the free agent market to address some of the current holes on their roster.

When evaluating who the Jets will be able to draft with their #6 pick there is one overwhelmingly important event that could dictate whom the Jets can draft. That event is the potential drafting of Matt Ryan.

In almost every nfl scouting or draft preview page you go to there is a consensus top 5. DT Glenn Dorsey, DE Chris Long, OT Jake Long, RB Darren McFadden and DT Sedrick Ellis. After this there is no consensus. So with the Jets picking 6th their hope is reliant on a franchise over valuing a QB. The Atlanta Falcons as well as the Miami Dolphins are both n desperate need for such a franchise quarterback, and Matt Ryan is currently the #1 option to fulfill this requirement. But is he really worth a top five pick? Will either of these teams take him instead of players that are unilaterally ranked ahead of him? I know I wouldn't but will they? Who knows?

So what happens to the Jets if the Falcons either decide to go elsewhere with their pick or trade down to someone looking for one of the consensus top 5? The Jets will have to do a bit of dipping on that 'experts' do not have a consensus opinion on. There's DE Vernon Gholston who many love who could potentially turn into a solid outside 3-4 linebacker. Calais Campbell a big defensive end from Miami. Chris Williams an offensive tackle for Vandy. Or any of the other players ranked all over the top to middle of the 1st round by the 'experts'.

Simply put, one of the biggest keys to how the Jets utilize their first round pick is completely reliant on someone above them falling for the bait and convincing themselves that Matt Ryan is their QB of the future.

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