Breakin it Down: Chargers vs. Pats

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Loudmouth Sally

For all the yelling and trash talking done by Philip Rivers it sure seemed like last week a was a huge bitch when he wouldn't come back in the game. First off he hurt himself without getting hit, secondly he walked off the field seemingly uninjured. I'm sure trash talking with Junior Seau or Richard Seymour won't be the brightest thing to do on sunday. And if he trash talks with Vince Wilfork he just might be subject to an eye gauge.

The 'Best Running Back'

I've always been a pretty big LT supporter but he's starting to turn me off a bit. He seems to do a lot of whining and last weeks showing was completely piss poor. The fact that he came out the next day and said that he was definitely a go this week and that the injury was not serious and was a simple hyper extension makes me think what was he doing on the sideline. Was there that much of a risk to further injury? If/when the Chargers lose this weekend he should just take the loss with some pride and dignity for a change.

Establishing the Run

Throughout the majority of the season the Patriots have seemingly never needed the run. Maroney sat out a ton of games, Brady threw 35+ passes a game, the Pats dominated every game through the air. But then come playoff time not so surprisingly Maroney showed up and dominated on the ground to the tune of 122 yards on 22 carries. If Maroney equals that performance this week the Pats will be unstoppable just as they were last week and the week before and the week before, etc.

The Hottest Team in the NFL

Or the best team in the second half of the year as the Pats are referring to them as. What a complete load of crap that is. The Patriots are the hottest team in the NFL, the Pats are the best team in the NFL. The second half, week 13-16, week 1, the preseason, the Pats have been the best team in the NFL the entire year. Enough with this ludicrous discussion.

Secondary Restraining Order

It's been an interesting week for Randy Moss. The Pats win over the weekend and he only has a single reception for 14 yards and then he gets a restraining order thrown in his direction mid week. I'd imagine that this weekend there will be atleast a play or two where Moss finds himself 10 yards away from the closest Charger.

The Pick

Stupid Colts had to go and blow the game last weekend and now the Pats should have a smoother trip this weekend. If the Rivers and LT are going to sit on the sidelines in Indy what's to think that they won't get hit a few times and need to sit out again this weekend. And really what makes you think that the Chargers defense can even slow down the Pats offense. I'm obviously picking the Pats and think they'll win by two tds. Right now the spread is at 14.5 so with the spread I take the Chargers.

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