USC Must Beat Ohio St. in 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Heading into next season myself and many others will simply be hoping for one thing, the avoidance of yet another BCS Title Game featuring the Buckeyes. Throughout the season I expect to be joined by many additional folk cheering against the Buckeyes and for their 1st, 2nd and possibly 3rd loss. Whatever is needed to keep them out of the title game.

In 2008 the Quest to Keep Ohio St. out of the National Title Game rests mostly on the shoulders of the Trojans. On September 13th the Buckeyes will head into the LA Coliseum 2-0 coming off easy victories over Youngstown St. and Ohio and looking for a significant upswing in the polls. A victory for the Buckeyes in LA will give them the #1 out of conference victory of the season. USC will assuredly be amongst the preseason favorites and a road victory against a top five team goes a long way to push a team towards a repeat trip to the title.

A victory by the Trojans however would make the Buckeyes assent much more difficult. If the Trojans could avoid two Pac 10 slip ups they would certainly be assured a higher ranking than the Buckeyes. This means that a single undefeated squad and a 1 loss or better Trojans results in the relegation of the Buckeyes. In addition if the Buckeyes proceed to drop a single Big 10 game and the 2008 season unfolds with less drama than the 2007 version than a two loss Buckeyes squad should expect a trip to the Rose Bowl or worse.

It's 8+ months away but the college football season has one essential matchup in which Tommy the Trojan must decapitate the Title hopes of Brutus the Buckeye.

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hahahahaha keep dreaming buddy Terrelle Pryor is gunna shit in USC's mouth...

Anonymous said...
7:11 PM  

GO TROJANS!!! Oh how I hate Ohio State! Hey dumbass...Pryors got to Michigan! Sorry but keep dreaming!

Anonymous said...
5:44 PM  

USC Homer,

No need to down talk a team who has made it to the big dance the last two years!! Where were the Trojans??? Oh yeah they were losing to the powerhouse Stanford "Tree of Knowledge" (AT HOME!!) and to those pesky Ducks (and their ugly ass jerseys)!! The Trojans will have their hands full with Beanie wells and Laurinaitis. Whoever loses will have a chance to recoup the season, since this game is so early. Maybe you should be concentrating on a QB, Stanford, Oregon and what Reggie Bush's off the field antics will do to your football team!! And by the way...Pryor chose OSU over Michigan...idiot!!!

Anonymous said...
12:08 AM  

time to show em what the PAC 10 is all about. and for Terrelle Pryor, dumbass would have started at Oregon, have fun in 3rd string. GO TROJANS

DuxFan420 said...
1:28 PM  

In order for Pryor to lay a fat dump in the mouth of the Trojans, he will have to see the field. And judging by the amount of plays he saw against that in state power house Ohio, i seriously doubt he will see much time against the team that is about to turn your team into swiss cheese. Good luck Ohio St. You will need it, just ask Illinois, the team that beat you at your house last season! Fight on Trojans!

Anonymous said...
3:08 PM  

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