Breakin it Down: Giants vs. Packers

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Breakin it Down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game.

Screw the Cold It's the Wind that Matters

Sure Eli is coming off two fine games in leading his squad to the NFC Championship game. One commonality in the games was the warm weather friendly settings the games were played in. While the cold is certain to have some effect on both squads, the wind or potential wind is what the Giants have to be most worried about. There's probably several reasons why Eli's stats are worse at home than on the road, one of these is most certainly his struggles handling the wind at Giants Stadium.

The .500 Manning Legacy

Obviously Eli has been around for a lot less time than Peyton, but he is in his third straight playoffs and sits with a record of 2-2. And Big Brother Peyton? 7-7 helped a lot of course by the 4 wins last year and hurt of course by his 0-3 career start. If Eli gets the G-Men into the Superbowl, for atleast 2 weeks he will be the only Manning with an above .500 playoff record.


Obviously turnovers are a key to the game, they're a key to every game, however the two star running backs have shown a little fumbilitis this season. If Ryan Grant repeats his opening minutes this week than the Pack are not getting back to the big one. Meanwhile the Juggernaut has shown that sometimes he breaks one too many tackles and drops the ball like a stick of butter.

On Lock Down

Who knows when this came about, but all of a sudden Corey Webster has morphed into a shutdown man to man cornerback. In the past two weeks the Giants have often left Webster alone on both Terrell Owens and Joey Galloway and Webster has more than held his own. Now this week will the Giants trust Webster yet again with no safety help on either Driver or Jennings? And if so will Webster come through for a third consecutive week?

The Send Off

Maybe it's the constant force feeding of New York media but surprisingly I don't think I've heard so much about Favre this week that I'm sick of it. In fact I think I'm more sick of all the Giants fans bursting with confidence in the same quarterback they destroyed all season long. Regardless from a story line perspective a Favre vs. Brady Super Bowl is basically the NFL's Wet Dream.

The Pick

This game is a lot tougher to call, obviously, however I think I'm going to stick with the boredom that has been my playoff picks. I'm taking the home team to win and the road team to cover. So basically I think it's going to be a close low scoring game that the Pack sneak out with. Yes I am that dull...

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Packers all the way!! to win and cover. Check out this article if you interested in some reading on the matchup:

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