Breakin it Down: Jags vs. Pats

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Pro Bowl Fred & Pinball

The Pats will almost certainly key their entire defensive scheme on Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew. Last year in their matchup in week 16 Maurice Jones Drew went off for 131 yards on 19 carries, most of which came on the ridiculous 74 yard touchdown where he fell down on his own got up and took it to the house. The Jaguars will need to hit atleast one big play from the running game to get points on the board.

Effectiveness of Voodoo Dolls

Thus far the voodoo dolls and the clubs hoping for a Tom Brady fractured femur have been completely ineffective. It makes me wonder if this whole African Voodoo lady I paid some serious cash to has any skill at all.

Pats > Pitt

Last week the Jaguars were very very close to throwing away a massive lead against the Steelers. The major reason behind the Steelers comeback was Three Day Old Cheeseburgers ability to shred the Jaguar secondary. Cheeseburger threw for 337 yard and two touchdowns, most coming in the second half. Well Tom Brady is better than Cheeseburger and Tom's wide receivers are much more talented than Pitt's. If the Jaguars play defense anything like they did last week, than Mr. Brady is going to end up with a lot of fantasy points.

David vs. Goliath

During the regular season David Garrard was heralded for his mistake free play. In twelve starts he threw only 3 interceptions and had a terrific passer rating of 102. His first playoff start last week was quite a different scenario despite coming up with the game winning scramble in the closing minutes. Garrard only completed 43% of his passes and threw 2 interceptions. If Garrard plays anything like he did last week the Jaguars are going to get pummeled.

The Razor

Pretty simply put the Patriots have never lost a playoff game at the Razor. Granted they've only lost two playoff games since the Razor's been open, but both were on the road and neither came off a 16-0 regular season. No team has ever faced the challenge the Jaguars have in front of them this weekend.

The Pick

The Jaguars had a nice season and have a better shot against the Pats than the Steelers or Titans would have had, however in order to win they need absolutely everything to go there way. And well, that's just not going to happen. Brady isn't going to make a ton of mistakes and the Jaguars won't be able to keep up offensively with the Pats without forcing turnovers.

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