What If Wanny Didn't Win...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

After last nights game and LSU's deserved title it's easy to overlook some of the details that led to this moment. Most notably was the Pittsburgh upset of West Virginia on the last week of the regular season. Had Wanny not pulled off the stunning upset, the history of the planet (NCAA Football) would have been completely different.

Rich Rodriguez Stays at WVU

After securing a spot in the National Title game Rodriguez approaches the WVU's administration over some of the demands he previously had which they had not completely given. WVU's administration agrees to all of Rodriguez's demands and gives him an additional bonus as well as bonuses to the entirety of his staff.

Les Miles Fulfills Herbstreit's Report

The National Title opportunity was the reason behind Les Miles staying at LSU. Every single interview Les Miles undertook on the radio he made sure that he stated his affinity for Michigan. However the opportunity at a National Title was far too much to give up simply for a homecoming. After Pitt's upset of WVU, LSU's comeback win over Tennessee and Oklahoma's dominating victory over Missouri Les had to leave his dream return behind and focus on the most important game of his life.

Bo Pelini Kicks Himself

Having come to an agreement with Tom Osbourne prior to the SEC Title game and having been introduced as the Nebraska Coach the sunday following, Pelini loses out on his opportunity to inherit LSU. Had he not acted so quickly in taking the Cornhusker position he would have been a favorite to inherit the LSU job especially after he would have been named interim Head Coach for LSU's trip to the Sugar Bowl.

Kirk Ferentz Signs on as LSU Coach

Many coaches interviewed for the best available job in the nation but finally the one man who seemingly is up for every single open job was hired. Ferentz states that he always contemplated a move to the NFL but over the past few seasons he realized that he wanted to stay in the college game but needed a new challenge. Thus when LSU came calling he had to take the job.

West Virginia Nips Ohio St. for the Championship

In a classic championship West Virginia defeats Ohio St. in the National Championship game on a last minute field goal 36-33. The game was dominated by the offenses with Beanie Wells having a massive running game and all three of West Virginia's biggest options (White, Slaton and Devine) rushing for over 100 yards.

Steve Slaton Declares for the NFL Draft

After proving himself in the National Title game and seeing the emergence of Noel Devine as a threat to his 2008 carries, Steve Slaton decides to declare himself for the 2008 NFL draft and expects to be drafted somewhere in the 2nd round.

Terrell Pryor Signs with West Virginia

After the terrific showing by Pat White in the National Title Game further establishing the prominence of the spread offense, the #1 Quarterback in the country Terrell Pryor decides to follow in White's footsteps. Pryor states that he both loves how the spread is run by Rodriguez and his staff and that he truly looks forward to being in the same backfield with Noel Devine.

Terrell Pryor and Noel Devine Win WVU's Second Title

Led by the two headed monster of Terrell Pryor and Noel Devine West Virginia is an unstoppable offensive juggernaut. After the controversial decision to stay for his senior season Devine wins the 2010 Heisman Trophy while Pryor finishes in third. West Virginia cruises through the regular season and defeats USC in the title game for their 2nd national title in 4 years.

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