Breakin it Down: Seahawks vs. Packers

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Welcome Holm

This of course will be the top storyline for the game this week, Mike Holmgren back in Green Bay. It's already happened once so it will be a completely played out story. It's not as if Holmgren has a lot of experience with players currently on the Packers roster and it's not as if the win one for me in my homecoming speech really goes that far with professional athletes.

Where Have You Gone Alexander?

Perhaps Steve Hutcheson was really the reason Alexander was such a dominant force two seasons ago cause in the past two years Alexander has been a below average running back. Anywho Alexander or Maurice Morris needs to step up this weekend and actually get substantial chunks of yardage cause the juggernaut rushing game of the past has looked easily stoppable this season.

We Want the Ball and We're Gonna Score

The last Packer playoff victory came on Matt Hasselbeck's overtime interception for a touchdown when he made that dumb statement. Given the weakness of his rushing attack currently the game will mostly sit on Hasselbeck's shoulders much like it did during that last cold winter day at Lambeau Field.

Pressuring Favre

This season many of the Packers young wideouts have matured into premier talents giving Favre a lot of weaponry to work with. Additional his line has done a good job in keeping him upright. Last week the Seahawks defensive line lead by Kearney was able to dominate the Redskins O-Line putting a lot of pressure on Collins and helped force the biggest play of the game, the clinching pick 6. The Seahawks must apply similar pressure for they will need the mistake prone Favre to come back if they are to win.

Frozen Tundra

As of now it's supposed to be cold in Green Bay with a chance of snow showers meaning it won't be the worst possible weather in Green Bay but it will certainly give some additional atmosphere for the game which probably has the least talent involved.

The Pick

This is the first amongst a long string of very boring picks. I'm taking the Packers at home. I don't trust the Seahawks rushing attack and I think Brett Favre gets atleast one playoff win this year. If I'm going on spread picks I expect the game to be close so I would take the Seahawks +8 as it currently stands.

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Nice Pick. Do not overlook Kampman as I plan on him being in the backfield all game. The Seahawks Oline will be exposed on Saturday.

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