All Rod's Eggs in Pryor's Basket

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It has now become clear that not only will Michigan lose seniors Hart, Henne and Long but the Wolverines will also be without their top two wideouts and their quarterback of the future. Both Adrian Arrington and Mario Manningham will forego their final year of elligiblity to pursue the fruits of the NFL, while Freshman Quarterback of the Future will seek a transfer to a school looking to run an NFL type system as opposed to the Rod spread. With the mass exodus that has begun at the Big House Terrelle Pryor has quickly become less of a luxury and more of necessity for the Wolverines.

When it was initially noted that Pryor had put Michigan back on his list of options I thought that it was cool but not really necessary given the talent on the team. If Pryor did not go to Michigan the Wolverines would have to make due with Ryan Mallett slinging passes around the field to Manningham, Arrington and handing the ball off to Great White Hope. Now only a week after New Years Pryor no longer has become a 'cool' possibility and rather transitioned to a must. If Michigan does not land Pryor than the 2008 season will most likely be a rough one for Rodriguez.

With Pryor, Michigan could have a potential deadly youthful backfield. There will most likely be some growing pains early in the season but there would be vast potential. Without Pryor, Rodriguez will be left scrambling to find a talented quarterback to lead the Wolverines through the season. Right now, Coach Rodriguez pretty much has all his eggs in Terrelle Pryor's basket.

Ryan Mallett Should Be Able to Play Next Season

As a sidenote, I completely understand Mallett's desire to leave Michigan and I wish him the best. There were times where he got me very excited as a fan, and I expect to root for him wherever he may land. Additionally I think it's nonsense that the NCAA punishes players in Mallett's situation, where coaching change all but forces a transfer, by making them sit out a season. I think myself and most Michigan fans out there sympathize with Mallett and would be 100% fine with him being allowed to suit up in 2008.

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I have never read your blog before so I don't know your knowledge of Michigan football, but if you thought Manningham and Arrington were coming back at any point this year, you were delusional.

Anonymous said...
9:06 AM  

I expected Manningham but Arrington not really. I don;t know if he comes out if he doesn't have the game of his life on Jan. 1.

Simon said...
9:26 AM  

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