Recapping My NFL Season Predictions

Friday, January 04, 2008

Here is a breakdown by team of my predictions from worst to best. Predicted Record is in the parenthesis, actual record is in the brackets. TO and Tony Homo just might be laughing at me.

The Really Bad

Dallas (5-11) [13-3] +8: I got killed for this one, and really I was kind of surprised after the game by game picks that I had them at 5-11. I was pretty wrong.

Tampa Bay (2-14) [9-7] +7: I hate Tampa Bay, last year I thought they would be good this year I said they would suck. They've been amongst my worst predictions each of the past two years.

Cleveland (3-13) [10-6] +7: Like you thought Cleveland was going to be good this season.

N.Y. Jets (10-6) [4-12] -6: I said that I was biased and that the best the Jets could do this year was 10-6. Well I was really wrong.

Washington (3-13) [9-7] +6: Umm Whoops, I guess they didn't really need Jason Campbell to be good this year cause they have Todd Collins.

Tennessee (4-12) [10-6] +6: Ya again whoops on the 6th seeded playoff teams. I was banking on the Madden jynx to come through in full effect.

The Bad

St. Louis (7-9) [3-13] -4: How could I have predicted Stephen Jackson and Marc Bulger to get injured?

Baltimore (9-7) [5-11] -4: Moral of the story is when your starting QB gets injured you don't win.

Cincinnati (11-5) [7-9] -4: Stupid Bengals played like garbage for most of the season.

New Orleans (11-5) [7-9] -4: Everyone else had the Saints being really good this year, atleast I didn't have them in the superbowl.

Philadelphia (12-4) [8-8] -4: I think my prediction for the Eagles wasn't that bad, I said their Most Valuable Player was their Athletic Trainer and given all their injuries I think he didn't help much. So much for the NFC champs.

Miami (5-11) [1-15] -4: I thought they would suck but who really thought they would suck that badly?

Carolina (10-6) [7-9] -3: Carolina finishing 7-9 is surprising given how badly they seemingly sucked all year long.

Green Bay (10-6) [13-3] +3: I had the Packers winning the Division and I didn't see many others having that, so this was amongst my best picks despite the 3 game separation.

Pittsburgh (13-3) [10-6] -3: I had them winning the division so this pick wasn't bad.

San Diego (14-2) [11-5] -3: I said that 14-2 would only happen if everything went right, well everything did not go right.

The Oh So Close

Detroit (9-7) [7-9] -2: I had the Lions get off to an extremely hot start (5-0) and fade big time in the second half which they did. I just was off by two games in doing so.

Chicago (9-7) [7-9] -2: I had the Bears taking the final wildcard slot which they blew in November.

Denver (9-7) [7-9] -2: The Broncos had their worst record in a very long time.

Kansas City (6-10) [4-12] -2: I had them as sucking, but I didn't think they would be that bad.

San Francisco (7-9) [5-11] -2: They were worse than mediocre. Tough to predict the amount of injuries they had.

Jacksonville (9-7) [11-5] +2: I had the Jags on the edge of the wildcard, but they easily won the slot.

Seattle (8-8) [10-6] +2: I had the Seahawks winning the division despite the 8-8 record so not that bad of a pick.

New England (14-2) [16-0] +2: I had them losing to the Ravens and Steelers, I was pretty damn close to getting their first loss right.

Houston (7-9) [8-8] +1: Surprisingly I didn't think the Texans would completely suck this season.

Arizona (7-9) [8-8] +1: 8-8, 7-9, what's the difference.

Oakland (3-13) [4-12] +1: 3-13 or 4-12 is terrible so I was right there.

Minnesota (6-10) [7-9] +1: Pretty close to this one. I thought the QB would be their downfall and Peterson would be great. Just not 300 yards in a game great.

N.Y. Giants (9-7) [10-6] +1: I had the Giants being good which just about nobody else did. I had them just missing a wildcard but hey I was close.

The On The Money

Buffalo (7-9) [7-9] 0: On the money with the Bills, mediocre was correct assessment.

Atlanta (4-12) [4-12] 0: I accurately had them as sucking, that wasn't very tough.

Indianapolis (13-3) [13-3] 0: On the money for the 3rd and final time.

Year 1 vs. Year 2

Simply put I did better last year. This year I had 6 divisional winners in comparison to 5 last year. But I whiffed on the Wild Cards this year and went 2 for 4 on them last year. Thus 6 playoff teams to 7. I was way off on one more team this year than last year. I was on the money on 3 teams in comparison to 2 last year but the big difference came with the teams that were 1 or 2 games off. This year I had 13 at 1 or 2 off, last year I had 18.

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