Breakin it Down: Giants vs. Bucs

Friday, January 04, 2008

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Jeffie's Got Your Number

He's got it written on his wall. Jeffie's been to the playoffs three times in his career and has a record of 2-3. The lone wins came against the Giants of course. A few years back when the Giants had their epic collapse in San Francisco as well as last season in Philadelphia. Can Jeff keep up this trend?

The Giants Are Hawk and Animal

AKA the Giants are Road Warriors. The Giants were tied for the second best road record in the NFL at 7-1, with you know who finishing in first. They're last road loss came week one in Dallas when their defense looked out of shape and unprepared. Since that loss the GMen have run off 7 straight and look much more comfortable away from those that Boo Eli.

More Youth or Retired Folks

Throughout the week there have been stories flying around saying that the Bucs are having a difficult time selling out a playoff game. Possibly because they limited ticket sales to residents of Florida. So the question is will the stands wind up being mostly youthful Bucs fans or will a bunch of old retired New Yorkers flock to the stadium in their Blue and Red Gifford jerseys.

The Weak Meets the Weaker

As far as product of their schedule goes, these teams rank right up there for taking advantage of bad opponents. The Giants have one lone win against a playoff team, their weak 3 victory as a result of a goalline stand against Washington. Meanwhile the Bucs have two wins against playoff teams. A victory over a Vince Young-less Titans and a victory against the turnover the ball on every other play Washington Redskins. Both teams took advantage of their weaker opponents to get where they are now.

Eli vs. The Turnover Machine

If the 15 turnover +/- advantage Seattle holds over Washington is alarming, than the 24 +/- advantage the Bucs hold might be cause for panic. The Bucs finished first in differential in the NFC while the Giants finished 14th with only the lowly Rams and Niners below them. If there's a game where Eli could cost his team the most it could be against the turnover reliant Bucs.

The Pick

I've been riding the GMen wave for the entire season with Eli as my fantasy QB. I thought they would be pretty good this season and I thought that Eli would be pretty good as well. I was close on that. I also thought the Bucs would suck and have been biased against them the entire season. So the pick is the GMen to improve their road record to 8-1 on the season.

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while the overall pick was right - it was all for the wrong reasons. key middle-of-the-game injuries were cause for this loss to the giants.

also, vince young came out of the game in the middle of the bucs win against the titans, the titans were in no way "vince young-less".... and, even if they were, you are talking about a quarterback with 7 TDs and 17 INTs. Hardly something to be afraid of. It's like Michael Vick without the TD numbers. And we all know what the bucs do the Michael Vick

mohney said...
10:12 AM  

Moral of the story was right. The Bucs weren't very good.

Simon said...
10:20 AM  

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