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Monday, January 28, 2008

Apparently Wolverine and Ohio St. fans are very eager to have another person do their research for them as I've received another request, this time to see how many Wolverines are from Ohio. I'm obviously not going to do a complete history of the Wolverines and how many of them are from Ohio. This list consists of the 1st rounders from last week, the current NFL players, the 2007 Wolverine Roster, and the current recruiting class.

2007 Wolverine Roster (7 of 113)

First things first, college rosters are way larger than you think. lists 113 players on Michigan's roster page of which only 7 are from the state of Ohio. This to me is a bit surprising, but they still did bring in two major contributors from Ohio in Shawn Crable and Mario Manningham. Both of whom are will be headed to the pros in a few months to give the NFL a Michigan Ohioan boost.

Shawn Crable LB Sr. Massillon, OH
Brandon Harrison CB Jr. Dayton, OH
Mike Milano RB Jr. Rocky RIver, OH
Bryan Wright K So. Youngstown, OH
Justin Boren OL So. Pickerington, OH
Mike Massey TE Jr. Brecksville, OH
Mario Manningham WR Jr. Warren, OH

2008 Wolverine Recruits (4 of 18) lists the Wolverines as having 18 current commits. Out of these 18, four are from the state of Ohio with all four being four star recruits.

Taylor Hill LB Youngstown, OH
Kevin Koger TE Toledo , OH
Elliott Mealer OL Wauseon, OH
Brandon Moore TE Trotwood, OH

Historical 1st Rounders (8 of 29)

By far the best ratio is the historic 1st rounders from Michigan. This includes the only two Heisman trophy winners for Michigan during the NFL draft era.

1972: Thom Darden, Michigan, DB
1974: Dave Gallagher, Michigan, DT
1975: Dave Brown, Michigan, DB
1979: Jon Giesler, Michigan, T
1987: Jim Harbaugh, Michigan, QB
1991: Jarrod Bunch, Michigan, RB
1992: Desmond Howard, Michigan, WR
1998: Charles Woodson, Michigan, CB

Current NFLers (4 out of 44)

4 out of 44 is a pretty small number. I think the most surprising part is that not a single one of the many offensive lineman the Wolverines have in the pros came from the state of Ohio.

Prescott Burgess Linebacker Baltimore Ravens
Charles Woodson Cornerback Green Bay Packers
Pierre Woods Linebacker New England Patriots
B.J. Askew Fullback Tampa Bay Buccaneers


I don't know if there's really much you can take out of these numbers to be honest. Perhaps that Ohio has a lot of talent to go around, perhaps that some kids from Ohio don't grow up Buckeye fans. Really the numbers don't point to Michigan ever raiding Ohio for talent. 8 of 29 1st rounders is a big number, but in the overall current picture Ohio just seems like another Midwestern state for the Wolverines to target recruits.

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