UM vs. OSU in the NFL

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A reader Michael (I have readers?) sent in a request for me to analyze the Michigan and Ohio St. NFLers. And since I don't ever get requests I figured what the hell why not. So without further ado onto the breakdown. Here's the list I'm working off if you have disputes.

Definite Hall of Famers

Michigan (1) - Tom Brady, Three going on Four Time Superbowl Champion amidst the greatest season for a Quarterback in the history of the league.

Ohio St. (1) - Orlando Pace, As a 7 time Pro Bowler and amongst the best left tackles of all time I imagine that Orlando Pace will be a a no doubt Hall of Famer.

Edge: MICHIGAN, Orland Pace is a great NFL player but Tom Brady isn't very far from becoming the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Potential Hall of Famers

Michigan (2) - Steve Hutchinson, Ty Law - Steve Hutchinson has been the single most dominant guard in football for the past five years helping pave the way for Shaun Alexander and Purple Jesus. While it is very difficult to get into the Hall of Fame as a guard Hutchinson case could be made. For Ty Law he has 5 Pro Bowls to his credit, a lot of ints and some shiny jewelry on his fingers.

Ohio St. (1) - Mike Vrabel - Vrabel is a definitive stretch for the Hall of Fame as he's only made the Pro Bowl once (this season) however he does have an abundant amount of Super Bowl rings.

Edge: MICHIGAN, all three probably won't get in, but two stretches is better than one.

Pro Bowlers

Michigan (9 players making 23 appearances) - Tom Brady (4), Steve Hutchinson (5), Ty Law (5), Charles Woodson (4), Jon Runyan (1), Brian Griese (1), Cato June (1), Ian Gold (1), Braylon Edwards (1) - A few of the players here are surprising. Brian Griese and Ian Gold made Pro Bowls you're probably asking yourself. Yep, both went to the game once a piece.

Ohio St. (7 players making 16 appearances) - Orlando Pace (7), Nate Clements (2), LeCharles Bentley (2), Terry Glenn (1), Shawn Springs (2), Mike Vrabel (1), Will Smith (1) - With all the players for Ohio St. in the NFL now it's surprising that only 7 have ever played in the Pro Bowl game.

Edge: MICHIGAN, both in total players and total appearances the Wolverines have it. Additionally it's surprising that neither Amani Toomer nor Joey Galloway have ever been selected to a Pro Bowl.

Total Rosters Infiltrated

Michigan (25) - Michigan is represented on 25 of the NFL teams in the league including all 12 of the playoff teams. The largest collector of Wolverines is the Steelers with 5.

Ohio St. (26) - The Buckeyes meanwhile are represented on 26 of the 32 NFL teams. This includes 10 of the playoff squads with Jacksonville as well as the NFC Champion New York Giants not being represented. The largest collector of Buckeyes are the Panthers with 4.

Edge: PUSH, Ohio St. as more reps total while Michigan has more playoff as well as both Super Bowl teams represented.

Overall Players

Michigan (44) - Michigan has 44 players in the NFL which isn't too shabby, but not enough to beat the Buckeyes.

Ohio St. (48) - The Buckeyes take the final category with a 4 player edge over the Wolverines.

Edge: OHIO STATE, the numbers don't lie.

Conclusion: Quality Over Quantity

Ohio St. currently has more players on NFL rosters however that's where their advantage over Michigan ends. Michigan has more potential Hall of Famers and more Pro Bowlers than does Ohio St. Additionally a Michigan representative will be rewarded a ring no matter what the outcome is on Super Bowl sunday.


Feel free to disagree in the comments.

UPDATE: One of the Commenter's was interested in seeing which school put together more 1st round draft picks. I obliged and posted it here. as the commenter suggested, it puts a completely different spin on things.

UPDATE 2: Mr. Biased Ohio St. fan that yelled at me about the Pro Bowls, I added up total appearances for you and Michigan has 7 more total appearances so your math which you didn't do was wrong.

UPDATE 3: I got a request to put together a list of the Wolverines from Ohio which you can read here.

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LeCharles Bentley is a pro-bowler. He may have been on the PUP list last year, but he's still in the NFL...

Anonymous said...
5:38 PM  

Charles Woodson - Michigan - Pro Bowl

Anonymous said...
8:22 PM  

David Boston went to the Pro bowl and I believe is in the NFL.

Anonymous said...
9:30 PM  

Steroid abuser David Boston is not currently on an NFL roster.

Simon said...
10:04 PM  

jacksonville has josh williams starting on o line

dan said...
1:03 AM  

Potential hall of fame, how about Joey Galloway if he keeps putting up numbers as the ageless wonder, and if Ty Law is there than you have to put Springs there too. You can tell this is written by a UM grad b/c it is horribly ignoring many tOSU players.

Ben said...
12:02 PM  

Shawn Springs has 2 career pro bowl appearance and no superbowl rings to Ty Law's 5 pro bowl appearances and 3 superbowl rings. There is limited comparison.

Joey Galloway is a solid receiver, but he's never made a single Pro Bowl appearance. If you were never ever made a pro bowl there is flat out no chance you are making the Hall of Fame. No Chance. See Art Monk not getting into the Hall of Fame and he made the Pro Bowl twice atleast.

I'm not a UM grad but I am a UM fan so there is some bias playing in obviously (probably in the PUSH category) but for those two suggestions I don't think they work.

Simon said...
12:07 PM  

Maurice Williams starts at Guard for Jacksonville. He played at U-M.

Anonymous said...
12:55 PM  

Doesn't Matter..... Ann Arbor is, and always will be, a WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
1:32 PM  

Retardedly glanced over the Jacksonville players in my list. My apologies for being cross eyed.

And while this list says Michigan is putting out better pros, the question lingers, does it really matter if they keep getting their ass kicked on the actual field? No.

Simon said...
1:40 PM  

As a Michigan fan, this just confirms my belief that the program has been underachieving since 1998. They've had the talent, they just haven't delivered in big games.

Anonymous said...
2:00 PM  

Can anyone say Maurice Claret? Oh wait, he is serving 10-20.. NM.

The Phork said...
2:02 PM  

I guess as a Michigan fan you have to take your victories when you think they are presented to you.

What about 1st round picks from each school? OSU would slaughter Michigan in that category.

Anonymous said...
2:16 PM  

More first round picks but less talented pros seems to suggest more busts. Just an observation.

Anonymous said...
5:28 PM  

To do this properly, you need to see which players are taken more highly in the first round of the draft. My bet is that Ohio State has had more players taken in the first half of the first round than Michigan, which means Ohio State players are going to the worst teams because they're the best players coming out of college.

Your analysis of who's on which teams is totally skewed. It's obvious that the difference in # of players on playoff teams is so small between the two (25-26, 10-12 playoff) that it's more by chance than by talent and impact. Keep dreamin, UM fan.

So, if 26-25 is a push, then 9-7 is also push, especially since the Ohio State players have gone to more pro-bowls combined.

Yeah, this is whole article is entirely misleading. If anything, the entire thing is a push. You pick and pull stats just to fit your own bias, but only when OSU has the advantage (25-26, more pro-bowls combined).

Enjoy it while it lasts, though. RR ain't gonna give you any substantial NFL stars.

Anonymous said...
5:58 PM  

I think a very important point was left out of this arguement.....Previous NFL players from both schools. Just a player from each school off the top of my head..Eddie George and desmond Howard. A huge factor in this classic battle. O-H....

Anonymous said...
6:49 PM  

Both UM and OSU suck. Other than Brady, who wass the 199th pick, no-one from either school is worth a damn outside their respective NFL team homes. And to really deflate your arguments Appalachian State has 3 players on NFL rosters to go with our 3 national championship rings in the last 3 years. How many does the little 10 have?

Anonymous said...
10:54 PM  

Chris Gamble, AJ Hawk, Quinn Pitcock, Gonzo, Santonio Holmes are all playing and playing well in the NFL. Chris Carter...HOF

Anonymous said...
4:35 AM  

Why isn't Brady listed as a potential Hall of Famer? Is it because he is already a lock for the Hall of Fame?

Anonymous said...
10:00 AM  

Chris Carter has been retired for years now.

I was asked to do an active list and that's what I did.

I updated the Pro Bowl section and it expands Michigan's advantage as they've appeared in many more Pro Bowls than the Buckeyes. Take away Orlando Pace and the Buckeyes don't have anybody who's made more than 2 pro bowls.

Simon said...
10:01 AM  

Ya I separated the Locks from the potentials. Pace and Brady are in the hall of fame, the three I put as potential probably all won't make it.

Simon said...
10:03 AM  

"Anonymous said...
Both UM and OSU suck. Other than Brady, who wass the 199th pick, no-one from either school is worth a damn outside their respective NFL team homes. And to really deflate your arguments Appalachian State has 3 players on NFL rosters to go with our 3 national championship rings in the last 3 years. How many does the little 10 have?"

i dont know why i am commenting on this because it will be 5 minutes of my life i will never get back. BUT, do you ride the short bus to school? do you wear a helmet while eating your lunch? As a Michigan fan i can say this that the buckeyes and us sh$t out 3 players from our 3rd teamers and make NFL rosters. sure you had a good game against us and won your 3rd title, but we aren't talking about national championships here dummy. it's about U of M and OSU in the NFL. we can talk nat'l titles if you want. Michigan=11 Ohio State=7 App St.=what 3?

go find your baseball and eat your frank n beans retard

Anonymous said...
10:51 AM  

I don't really think this is relevant to how/why you put this together, but I found this link in a debate on recruiting, so here's some more data that I think would skew this towards the Buckeyes:

Ohio State has a lot of younger talent in the NFL than Michigan does, as another poster mentioned, Hawk, Carpenter, Gonzales, Smith, and Ginn are all players that haven't been in the league all that long, but are solid performers with probably their best years to come. If you were to put this list together using only players from said schools graduation in the last 8-10 years, it would probably also look a bit different.

Alex said...
5:15 PM  
Anonymous said...
7:53 PM  

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