Did They Need to Sprinkle Poop on the Ballot?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

With the Elections to the Hall of Fame coming this afternoon I decided to head over to the Hall of Fame website out of a simple curiosity. After a little browsing around the website I hit the page where the exposed all of the candidates for 2008 election. And apparently it doesn't take much to be on the ballot because it consisted of a whole lot of crap.

Brady Anderson: I had one good year that came out of nowhere most likely because of steroids.

Rod Beck: I died so I didn't have to wait 5 years to waste time on the ballot.

Chuck Knoblauch: I couldn't even through a baseball 40 feet in a straight line. Plus I apparently took HGH.

Todd Stottlemyre: Perhaps it was the above 5 postseason ERA that helped put him on the ballot.

Jose Rijo: Seriously? Jose Rijo? His career record is 116-91 and never won more than 15 games. He was an average pitcher.

Chuck Finley: When I think Chuck Finley I think pain in the Yankees ass. But I certainly don't think hall of fame.

David Justice: He was a good player, good shouldn't be on the hall of fame ballot.

Shawon Dunston: It must have been the 203 career walks in 17 seasons that stood out.

Rob Nen: He was a solid closer. That's it solid nothing very special.

And you wonder why these voters may decide to put Rice and Gossage in the hall after lengthy periods of not voting them in. When you put them on they same sheet of paper as average baseball players of course they are going to look a lot better.

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