The FA Cup is Sweet

Monday, January 28, 2008

There are many things about European Soccer Leagues that I wish were brought to the United State. One being the idea of relegation and the other being the sweetness of the FA cup. For those that are completely in the dark, the FA Cup is a massive tournament in England which consists of all organized soccer teams in the country. From those that just play on the weekends for fun in an FA league to the greatest teams in the country.

Well this weekend after winning some improbable games, one of those 'just for fun' teams went into Anfield, home of powerhouse premiership club Liverpool, and not only competed but actually held the lead for much of the game. In the end they lost 5-2 but for over 30 minutes the small town boys were beating one of the best teams in the country.

Hell even the professionals couldn't control their emotion when the massive underdogs scored their first goal.

Just imagine how sweet it would be to be beating the Boston Red Sox in Fenway after 5 innings or leading the LA Lakers after 3 quarters. The idea of the FA Cup is something that I absolutely wish was brought to the US so that at some point in time we could get stories like this.

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