NFL Divisional Quick Notes

Monday, January 14, 2008

~I would not recommend to anyone else out there pursuing an MBA to take an 'intensive' class which calls for being at school from 9-4 on both saturday and sunday in January. First off I'm exhausted, secondly the only part of the Charger game I saw yesterday was the Colts failing on 4th and goal from the 5 because one of the guys in my class has slingbox.

~Tony Romo didn't exactly play a good game but the defense did allow the Giants to score in 40 something seconds in the 2nd quarter. If the defense shows up there the Cowboys win the game. Plus, Romo was getting pounded on every single play in the 4th quarter. Having said that, the two sacks he took were moronic, and so was the intentional grounding. The Cowboys pretty much threw that game away.

~I want the Giants to win, but there are way too many Giant fans that have been so negative this entire year who are now coming in as the callers who say the Giants are going to win it all.

Fact: Eli Manning is a better than average quarterback and has never been nearly as bad as most Giant fans make him out to be.

Fact: The Giants win on the road a lot because the wind at the Meadowlands seriously screws up Manning's already loose spiral.

Fact: Tom Coughlin isn't the greatest coach in the world, but he certainly doesn't suck.

Fact: The Giants season right now is an immense success, even if they fall flat on their face next week.

~Jerry Jones on the sidelines in disappointment is always a fun watch.

~At the start of the Packer Seahawk game I was still driving home from class, thus I heard the two fumbles on the Radio. Basically I thought that the Seahawks were going to somehow steal the game. Then when I get in front of a television the Packers drill the Seahawks. Really the Seahawks are just lucky Grant made those initial mistakes so at the very minimum they were in the game for a few minutes.

~Shaun Alexander has gone through a Terrell Davis like production decrease. Minus the debilitating injuries which force retirement.

~Hand off to Ryan Grant for another 15 yards...

~All I got from the Chargers Colts game is from watching it on the Yahoo game tracker, which is surprisingly exciting. Basically myself and my buddy just sat during class reading what happened on each play I checked out a few live blogs and we were eventually confused as to why Michael Turner was getting more carries. Then he got a text from his buddy saying it was going to be difficult to win without Philip Rivers. How the hell as a defending Superbowl champ at home lose to a team minus their QB and biggest play maker? That's absolutely pathetic.

~Great Norv made it farther than Marty ever did... He's still not a good coach.

~Watching the Jaguar Patriot game was just another example of having no hope despite the game being close. When the Jaguars scored to tie it up at 14 my buddy goes I actually feel good about their chances right now. I immediately followed up with why, the Patriots haven't been stopped on offense yet. I truly think if the Jaguars had mustered a few more solid offensive drives it wouldn't have mattered cause the Pats probably would have scored on the limited drives they stalled out on.

~As much as I thought the Patriots were going to win the Superbowl last week, well really since day one, their road appears to be that much easier. I thought that amongst the teams in the playoffs who could beat the Pats, the one with the best chance was the Cowboys on a neutral field. Mostly I thought this in part cause of the neutral field aspect and in part cause the Cowboys offense has enough firepower to put up 30+ on the Pats. The next best option was the Colts. Now? I'd say it's going to take a lot of injures and the Pats to play absolutely horrible for them to not go down as the best team in history.

~All this being said, I think if the Pats offense lined up against the Pats defense they would absolutely pummel them. Unlike the previous superbowl squads, especially the first one, the offense is the much more dominating side of the ball. I could easily see the Pats giving up 25+ in both the AFC Title game and Superbowl cause their D just isn't that great. Good but not great.

~It's not fair that Tony went to Cabo without me...

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