Conference Championship Quick Notes

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

~That's a map of the northeast. As you can see I've divvied up the land to consist of an estimation of the teams territory. The green dot you see in lower Connecticut is me. The moronic Jet fan in Connecticut surrounded by all Giant and Patriot fans. Worse yet my father was born and raised in Massachusetts prior to the existence of the New England Patriots. Thus as a little kid in Mass the closest team was the New York Giants, thus for his early childhood he was a Giant fan. Then when the Patriots were formed when he was still in his youth he adopted them as well. Thus my father likes both teams in the Superbowl while his moronic son likes the Jets because he was a stupid 5 year old that made his decision based on uniform color. I'm a jackass...

~Touchdowns > Field Goals.

~LT is a pussy I don't give a crap what is said, 50% LT is worse than 100% Michael Turner. Blah blah blah. Give it a fucking shot. Get in the damn game in the 4th quarter. You don't need surgery now, well then play until you can't play anymore. This is why you will never go down as the best back in history. These playoff games that you pussied out of.

~Mr. Cromartie, nice interception but perhaps next time instead of gaining minimal yardage on the return you could just down the ball in the end zone. Thanks.

~The Power of Chastity helped Rivers get through the game.

~Chambers made some nice plays, but not knocking down that one int was piss poor.

~Laurence Maroney is certainly earning his cash this postseason. Where would the Patriots have been without his 122 yards.

~The Pats played like crap and still won comfortably. That's not a good sign for the Superbowl.

~Note to San Diego, when Kevin Faulk is in the game he's Tom's check down receiver, so you should probably cover him.

~Rodney Harrison is on the major decline in skill level. I would not be shocked if the Pats jettisoned him at the end of the year.

~Tom Brady was in a boot yesterday, one could pray he'll be mildly affected in two weeks, but I highly doubt that.

~R.W. should put some glue on his gloves. In addition he should thank Michael Johnson for knocking the ball out of the Packer's hands and Dominick Hixon for falling on the ball. Both were R.W. ass savers.

~Al Harris should probably not trash talk when he's getting abused on every possession.

~Plaxico deserves a raise.

~Brett Favre play like doo-doo.

~Eli Manning with zero interceptions is very very very stunning.

~Charles Woodson should watch out next time he tries to tackle the juggernaut.

~I know Corey Webster was at fault for the first 90 yard td, but the rest of the game he played tremendously well.

~Wow that 2nd kick was a friggin shank. How Coughlin had confidence in Tynes to hit that last one is beyond me. But I guess he really had no other choice but to go for the win.

~Tiki must feel like a complete loser.

~I despise the extra week between the championship games and the Superbowl.

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what is going to be better interviews with Peyton about eli or interviews with tiki about eli and the giants? both should be great i hate peyton more but tiki is a bigger douche so its a tough call for me

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