This Just in The Heat Really Suck

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Heat losing by 30 to the Celtics on the surface makes sense. The Celtics have the best record the Heat have the 2nd worst. But when you find out Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett didn't play and Paul Pierce only had 7 points, seriously?

~Leon Powe has scored 94 total points this season. 94 and that is after the 25 he dropped last night.

~Scalabrine started again and had a +/- which isn't good for the Scalabrine watch.

~Chris Quinn was the only Heat player to have a positive +/- and he didn't score at all.

~Tony Allen had a ridiculous +32 almost matching him on the poor side was D Wade with -25.

~When Mark Blount is your player of the game you know your team blows.

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