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Monday, January 07, 2008

~I wasn't very impressed with the games this weekend. The Titans game was mostly unwatchable for the first half and never really thrilling. The Giants pretty much dominated the game and had the game in hand following Garcia's second int and the Redskins Seahawks game dissolved very quickly after Santana Moss gave up on his route and the INT went to the house. The Steelers game provided the most entertainment.

~Eli Manning says in your face. Well somewhat. I mean he did miss a couple easy completions, especially the Bradshaw dump off which could have garnered an important first down.

~As for the Steelers game going for 2 ended up killing Mike Tomlin and the Steelers. It was questionable at the time especially considering they scored two touchdowns in the span of 5 minutes.

~Basically the Steelers game this weekend was the same as the last matchup. The Jags should have closed the door but let them get back into the game and managed to pull it out at the end.

~I gained respect for Jeff Garcia this weekend despite his poor play. He just seems like a good guy that gets the most from himself and his teammates. The Bucs just weren't that good this season.

~On the opposite side, Philip Rivers is a very easy person to cheer against. He just seems like a cocky annoying prick. I sat in front of the TV finding it difficult not hoping he got crushed on every play.

~It really is amazing how quickly momentum can switch in games. Washington recovered the 80 yard pathetic onside kick and looked like they were going to dominate. Then their kicker shanks an easy field goal and a few minutes later they're down 2 scores.

~It's great the Chargers won the game. But can we realize they are in a worse spot than they were last year. Instead of a home divisional game they have to go to Indy. Let's not make Norv out to be a hero or getting better results than Marty until they win this weekend.

~I'm very pleased with the overall results of the weekends NFL matchups. First off I went 3-1 on my picks but 4-0 against the spread. Mostly I think this gives us the best matchups. Had the Titans won and gone to New England they would have gotten pummeled. At the very least the Jaguars have a shot if they could run the football and have a substantial win in the turnover margin. The Cowboys vs. Giants 3rd matchup should be a very entertaining matchup. As should the other two matchups with abundant storylines. The NFL has to be very pleased with this weekends results.

~Rutgers are the champions of the Internation.

~There was some other bowl game last night that no one cared about.

~American Gladiators was not quite as good as hoped. Assault should be on every show. And where the hell was Atlasphere? That event was phenomenal. If anyone thinks the show is going to get canceled though, they are wrong. NBC has nothing else to show. They have no episodes for anything new lined up.

~And the Titan guy looks like either a gay man or a very very metrosexual man. He may be huge but he's not very scary.

~The C's knocking off the Pistons was money. Big Baby coming through in crunch time. The East is definitely a two horse race.

~I really don't know what to expect from the game tonight. I hope the Buckeyes show up and make it a game, I just don't know though. People keep on saying that LSU's defense was suspect at the end of the season, however they had a ton of injuries. Now that Dorsey and others have had a month to rest I expect there to be some domination of the Buckeyes line. I picked LSU and I think they win by 10.

~I didn't watch much of the Clemens interview and I don't particularly care what he said.

~Golf started this weekend. I bet you didn't know.

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and is it that difficult to run on a treadmill? the old american gladiators they used to push that big ball up the treadmill and I don't think i've ever seen anyone fall. I think every eliminator race on the new show someone tripped and slid back down.

Frank the Tank said...
11:40 AM  

YEs on Atlasphere and Titan being slightly effeminate.

DCScrap said...
11:54 AM  

ya the black chick was pathetic on the treadmill. the mini asian wasn't even half way done with the course and she still lost. Piss Poor.

Simon said...
11:54 AM  

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