Which Conference Dominates the Conference Championship Games? (answers)

Friday, January 11, 2008

1. Which of the Remaining Playoff Teams has the Most Players from the Big 10?
The Chargers lead the way with 12 Big 10 representatives on their roster including Chris Chambers, Luis Castillo and Shaun Philips.

2. Which Conference Has the Most Players in the Conference Championship Games?
The Big Ten narrowly beat out the SEC 35 to 34 in part due to the Chargers having to Big Ten place kickers on their roster.

3. Which NCAA Team has the Most Representatives in the Conference Championship Games?
The Tennessee Volunteers lead the way with 8 representatives.

4. Which of these Conferences Has the Least Players Represented?
Surprisingly the Big East ranks below these other conferences with only 8 players.

5. Which of these Players Played in Division 1?
Rodney Harrison played for Western Illinois (1-AA), Donald Driver played for Alcorn St. (1-AA), Michael Strahan played for Texas Southern (1-AA). Making Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila at San Diego St. the only 1-A player.

6. Which of these Schools has No Representatives in the Games?
Surprisingly the Oklahoma Sooners Have no Reps in the Game.

7. Which Non BCS School has the Most Representatives?
Fresno St. tops most BCS schools with 6 players.

8. Which team has the most Players from D2 or Lower?
The Green Bay Packers 8 players from D2 or lower including two from Shippensburg University in PA.

9. Which 1-AA School Has the Most Players Represented?
Western Illinois has three players on the remaining rosters including Rodney Harrison.

10. Which Team Does Not Have a WAC Player on Their Roster?
Not Surprising the New York Giants have no WAC players on their roster.

11. Which Team Has a Member of a Service Academy?
Answer: Kyle Eckel a fullback for New England attended the Naval Academy.

12. Which Team Does Not Have a UCF Black Knight?
Answer: New England has standout cornerback Asanti Samual, Green Bay has standout Safety Atari Bigby and the Giants have backup Tight End Darcy Johnson thus making San Diego the only team without a UCF alum.

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