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Friday, December 21, 2007

After a week on the Mitchell report it's back to some normal voting on normal scum bags.

1. Ronnie Stack - So I understand the frustration of your team losing and god only knows what I would have been like had the Jets lost to the Dolphins, could have actually morphed into the joy of locking up the 2nd pick who knows, but I would never do what this idiot is doing. Why? Cause I have atleast somewhat of a life. What kind of ass decides he's not going to leave the roof of the bar until his favorite team wins. I hope you get a nice snow storm sometime soon.

2. New York Knicks - Once again the Knicks are attempting to separate themselves from the sane. Freedom of speech does not exist in MSG. Make a fire Isiah sign or start chanting fire isiah and you will be shown the exit. Which would be perfectly ok if you were reimbursed for the ticket charge. In fact why don't they just have a website where you can get reimbursed for your ticket if you plan on heckling Isiah.

3. Jonathan Papelbon - Some important items you should probably put in a glass jar you know away from animals and children's reach. I guess Jonathan does not think that the World Series Ball is one of those items as he has come out and said that apparently his dog ate it.

4. Rory Sabbatini - Rory has come to the conclusion that he never wants to win a tournament that Tiger Woods plays in ever again. It's one thing to trash talk and say that Tiger isn't above and beyond everyone else's reproach now, which motivated Tiger to put a whoopin on Rory. It's another thing to disrespect Tiger by bowing out of his tournament early for personal reasons. The personal reason being he wanted to start his vacation a day earlier.

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