Year in Review: March

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm doing a Year in Review. Why? Because I can.

Greg Maddux urinates on teammates in the shower. That's his performance enhancer. [Mar 5th]

My tracking of the Celtics Draft Positioning was in full force. [Mar 6th]

A Brazlian Newspaper lied and said that Brady knocked up Gisele. [Mar 8th]

I Busted out My NIT Bracket... It Sucked [Mar 12th]

I rounded out My Final 4 bracket... It Marginally Sucked [Mar 14th]

Max Kellerman Had a Killer Animal Tournament... My bracket sucked. [Mar 15th]

Stupid shoes to 'honor' Red. [Mar 15th]

The Celtics pretty much officially tanked a game. [Mar 22nd]

I went 0 for in picking MLB Awards. Including the joking pick of Carl Pavano as comeback player of the year. Ha. [Mar 30th]

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