Yanks Sign the Black Farnsworth

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Looking forward to the 2008 baseball season already? Are you a Yankee fan or a Yankee Hater? Well if so you may have missed an important transaction over the weekend which may interest you. The Yankees signed hard throwing righty Latroy Hawkins to a 1 year contract to pitch out of the New York Bullpen.

What does that mean for New York fans? Well now they will have one more person that comes out of their bullpen to hate. If there's one person who just might take the 'most hated man in the bullpen tag' away from Farny it's Latroy Hawkins. Latroy was very good for the Rockies last year, but that's the Rockies and no one was paying attention to him. The one year he was a closer for the entire season? 5.96 era. His second opportunity as a full time closer? He blew 9 of his 34 save opportunities for the Cubs. The one year he spent in the AL East as a pitcher? 4.48 era. Not inspiring lots of confidence.

Maybe he'll pitch similarly to his season in Colorado last year or some of his stellar set up performances with the Twins but there's a good chance he's going to be hated by Yankee fans everywhere and cheered for when brought in at Fenway by the nation.

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